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Chatting with MFB

First things first. I signed up for lack of a better word for a membership with MB (fan club). The majority of the money goes to the charity he created decades ago - helping abused women. It's a few dollars a month and I waffled for a bit but I knew that I was totally going to sign up. One of the 'perks' of being a member is messaging the man himself - so I did it. I figured why not. Said a little spiel about the cool community and set up he created and tried not gush or seem like a stalker. I wrote that last night. This morning I got a reply. From him! I had mentioned that I was supposed to see him in concert this month and he had replied back asking me which venue? So of course I then had to message him back AND then he sent me another message. We were having a legit conversation! Not gonna lie I am freaking out quite a bit inside! And the thing is since this is all brand new I know it's gonna change and he eventually won't have time to chit chat or there will be more people so maybe a word or two will be all he writes but right now I am fan girling out!

Okay now that I got that out of my system, time to talk about the most social weekend I have had in literally months! Saturday Keith and I drove to his sisters, about an hour away, as he had to sign some legal documents. We ended up taking said documents to drop off at the lawyers but the mailbox was locked. We had a nice social distancing visit with his sister and her family. They were all outside 'camping'. Let me just say it was cold. There was snow on the ground and 3 of their 5 kids had slept outside! They had make breakfast outside and when we arrived were sitting around the fire drinking hot apple cider. It was cute. Crazy but I am sure they tired all those kidlets out being outside and participating in the obstacle course they created for them (seriously they are good parents!).

After that Keith and I drove home with a quick stop to visit my co-worker and do a curb side drop off of bread. It was chilly again so we had a short but nice chat in their driveway.

That evening we zoomed with my friend S and our friends in her town. It was S's b-day and she was throwing herself a zoom party in which we would watch her eat cake. She literally ate cake while we watched - it was a blast. It was also 3 hours! Yah I thought you could only zoom for like an hour unless you paid? But we kept going - actually we kept going until our laptop died as the cord is in the bedroom and we weren't expecting to be on that long! It was funny at one point we were in a watch room or something watching short videos but my laptop could not handle it and wouldn't show the videos so we pretended to be watching. Really I was watching everyone as they watched the videos and laughed when they did - it was actually kind of funny. Did I mention we were all drinking while we did this?

Sunday I watched my brother's service and he was super emotional in the beginning - like near tears a couple times. Not sure if it was the material getting to him or just 'everything'. I didn't ask. I just hope he's doing ok. I know this situation gets to us all occasionally. That afternoon we zoomed with my whole family. Keith was kind of cranky to be honest but I gave him a pass as it was mother's day and I know he does get sad since his mom passed away. But the crankiness has continued into this week so I'm hoping his man pms passes soon!

This weekend is the May long weekend. The 2-4 as we call it even though it rarely falls on that weekend! Oh us Canadians are so funny! I know a lot of people are like who cares about a long weekend? Well let me tell you if you still work a 9-5 job 5 days a week - you care! YOU now get to sleep in and do nothing the rest of the day with all of the masses!

T invited us to her place to camp. We definitely declined but did say we would come over for a visit for a few hours and hang out in their yard and visit. The weather is iffy for which day is going to be nice this weekend. I have no faith in the weather network as you know so I am waiting til like Friday before I will make plans as to which day we'll go for a visit.

So that's what's going on right now. I am now going to sign off and watch a couple episodes of Modern Family (on season 10), then one episode of Schitt$ Creek and then call it a night. Tomorrow Keith is home all day. I really wish I could get him working on the basement but.....yah. I would have to blow up his computer for that happen - and hide all our money so he couldn't buy a new one!

8:58 p.m. - 2020-05-12


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