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Looking forward to next week?

Saturday night. Not even 9pm and the hubby is in bed. I can't really complain though. I know how hard it is on him getting off his sleep schedule. The last few Tuesday nights he hasn't been going to bed til almost 11.

It's been another week of the same ol. Had a little cry the other day thinking about how much I missed seeing my family. I felt better almost immediately. Cry it out. It will be hard not seeing my dad for father's day. I mailed him a letter and will call him tomorrow.

I have been trying to walk 10 thousands steps a day. I hit it most days. It is getting too hot to walk at 4:30 when I am done work so I either go on longer walks in the evenings or a few mornings I have been getting up super early and walking before work. I was getting pissy that my neighbour who just got a fit bit is hitting more steps than me (have I ever mentioned I can be a bit competitive?). She is also slowly turning vegan and driving me ape shit on fb with all her recipes and hashtags of every meal she cooks. Then last weekend as I was day drinking with her and her husband I swear to God I felt like I was there to be converted. I was technically getting lectured about how bad meat is. I know it wasn't their intention but it was weird. OH I should mention that she used to bitch endlessly about her vegan friend and how preachy she was. Yah.

Anyway, yah trying to exercise more and so far doing pretty good. I'm trying to concentrate on not comparing myself to others esp my neighbour who doesn't work and have to sit at her kitchen table for 8 hours and work. Ahem. Trying.

I am looking forward to next week. It will be a 4 day work week and then I am off on vacation until July 6th. I had debated taking the vacay but then Keith got the week off and we decided to work on our basement renovations. I am praying really hard that we actually make a dent and we don't kill each other in the process.

Okay I am gonna wrap this up cause I need to go and veg in front of the tv! I will leave you with the story of how I had to create an incident report with my manager the other day! I was working and I was on a lengthy call and I was looking up info on this call and was super focused on my one monitor (I have 2 large monitors but only needed the one during the call). The sun was shining through our skylight and it was hitting the monitor. So during this call I didn't even notice and after the call I stood up and stretched and noticed that my vision had a blurry line running through it. Like a wavy line across my eyes and it wouldn't go away. I tried sitting back at my computer and it was there and I was actually kind of nauseous. I finally had to go lay down with a mask over my eyes. Thankfully after half an hour the line was mostly gone. But since I work at the place I do I knew I had to report it. Always have a record of any incidents or accidents! It can bite you on the ass if something serious happens to you later because of it! Ahem. Anyway yah I am 100% better but I told Keith we have to work on getting the 3rd bedroom or as we affectionately call it 'the office' made into a literal office before September. If I am able to stay at home and can prove that I have a 'safe space' to work and won't go blind it will help my case!

A'ight off to continue watching the Office, I'm on season 4!

8:47 p.m. - 2020-06-20


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