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Vacation vibe......starts tomorrow.

Not only should I be grooving to the Friday vibe BUT I am also officially on vacation for a week! Sadly, I am not grooving too either. I was having a great day - got up walked this morning, took a couple pictures of a great sky and even talked to a few of the other walkers as I was apparently twinning with another woman who was out walking. Then around 11 Keith came home in a foul mood and the day went down hill real fast. I said something, then left at lunch - in my car - and came back half an hour later and he was gone. He didn't return til after 5pm. He made his phone so I couldn't see where he was (not like I know how to do that) but he purposely did it. We talked and I think he was truly shocked when I took the brunt of the blame on my shoulders. I know I was being a capital B and I shouldn't have shot off my mouth. I think I sort of took the wind out of his sails by agreeing with him and not being all high and mighty. We didn't get all lovey dovey and hug it out but I feel ok with how things are.

I don't feel ok with how un-motivated I am. We are going camping on Monday for a week. We have a lot to do but I feel like doing squat. Normally I would be all over my lists. I have begun them - weeks ago - but I'm just not in the crazed packing mode yet. I am also a very good procrastinator. Tomorrow Keith and I are supposed to get shit done for our trip so we will see if my motivation ramps up.

Just to clean up some old business I did indeed go away with T to a cottage overnight. I left work at noon and then used a Wellness day the next day. T was actually really good about not being on her phone which shocked me. Her kid was still super needy but that's kids. I also cheesed her off by not letting her win the splash fights whenever we had one. She is used to all the adults in her life letting her win but I teased her good naturedly about losing and still didn't let her win. Life lesson kid.

Speaking of lesson. T thought it would be fun to partake in a little adult fun knowing I have never seriously done pot - like 20 years ago when I was super drunk. So I partook and I just remember at one point we were laughing super hard at stuff that I am pretty sure wasn't that funny. We sat out til almost 1am and I managed to see a shooting star so that made my night! The weather was beautiful for our little getaway which was awesome cause the forecast hadn't been promising.

A few days after I was back Keith came home with a black bag from the Pot shop! I guess all the talk my neighbours did finally convinced him. He has a lot of pain from his job and sometimes can't sleep. But he won't use it on nights he has to work.

I'm hoping to see my parents next week! I am SO excited about this. It's been 5 months? The campground is 20 minutes from where they live.

I am also looking forward to putting down my phone. I have become so addicted whenever there is a lull of picking it up, clicking on fb and just scrolling thru stupid posts. People rarely post anything except memes. Also T pissed me off or more accurately hurt my feelings. I posted a few pics of my walk one day including a pic post walk with messy hair and she said something about all the selfies I take and that every time I post one she will too - challenge accepted! See? It may have been a joke? I am pms'ing but it just rubbed me the wrong way. Then my sil jumped in with a selfie with duck lips and was like 'me too'. I'm like WTF there was no duck lips? Am I just being super sensitive? Regardless I stopped posting pics of myself and have just been posting pics of other people or the pretty sky etc. I don't need that negativity in my life. And it's also why I need to put my effin' phone down!! I'm looking forward to sitting with my family at the campsites and just connecting one on one. Pictures will be taken but fb will not be go to!

I had a big rant about my neighbour but the events of this day have deflated my rant. Basically my neighbour was called back to work and is bitching about it and going on about how she has learned to 'self care' with working out and journaling and doing nothing and doesn't know how she will be able to go back. Fine I get it, but please don't give ME this speech. Me the one who worked all thru covid and has sat at my computer many times over the last 5 months and just broke down and cried for no reason except I was stressed and anxious and I get up at 6:30 to fit my exercise in. So I am the wrong person to try and get sympathy from. My gut tells me she won't go back. She doesn't have to work as her hubs earns the big bucks.

I think I will go and watch a movie. Something entertaining and hopefully funny. I finished the Office series and have started Community but I need to take a break right now. I think I will just jump into my pj's, lock up and deal with list making and packing and making amends with my husband tomorrow!

8:50 p.m. - 2020-08-07


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