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For the love of....more work drama?!

Ah man it has been a SHIT week. Fo' sure. Saturday I did indeed do overtime - 4 hours actually. Why? Because I woke up and couldn't put any weight on my right foot. My ankle was swollen and painful. What did I do? No freakin' idea. Seriously. I walked Friday evening and I had a bit of a pain in the arch of my foot which isn't normal. Yah so all week I have been unable to walk or exercise. Yesterday was the best day but maybe I overdid it because today I was back to limping and I even put the tensor bandage back on. Never ending fun.

But that's not what made the week so shitty. I wish. Yesterday...I guess the best way to describe it is I had a mini break down. I got an email from my manager forwarded by another manager who said that I did something wrong and it was very accusatory and was ended with her saying I think curious-me should finish what she started and I am sending the work back to her. But put way more bitchiness into it.

A minute later my manager sent me an email and said nevermind that manager had sent a follow up email saying HER employee fixed it. Well I couldn't 'never mind'. Instead I got up and began to describe the situation to Keith and burst into tears and sobs. I just lost it. I was so upset. So Upset. I then had to go into a team mtg and thankfully I was on mute because I just sat there crying the whole time. I knew then I wasn't lasting the day. I sent an email to my manager and cc'd the other manager. I got a bit cheeky but I didn't care. And I stated at the end that due to being so upset I was taking the rest of the day and using my Wellness time.

Amongst all this I was dealing with talk of x-mas. Keith and I finally decided it's not happening and we wanted to get presents down to my family before further lock downs happen. So we have been getting x-mas ready in like 3 days. It's been a whirlwind of making lists and shopping. Keith took my mind off work and we went and got the majority of the shopping done yesterday afternoon. Thankfully it wasn't a whole lot as there were only 5 kids to buy for. For the adults I am giving a xmas card, my homemade shortbread cookies and xmas masks made by my neighbour (yup seriously) for each of them. As well as stockings for my parents. I decided at the last minute to still make them up.

Tomorrow I am working until noon - pre planned. I was supposed to go shopping to a x-mas store with my neighbours but due to the more severe lockdowns my neighbour who has had cancer said she isn't comfortable and then I found out my other neighbour had a covid test yesterday! Her daughter works at McD's and they had a covid case. So yah the shopping trip is cancelled.

I'm ok with that. I have so much to day and it will be nice to do it during the day and not just the evening. I also have a few gifts I want to get for Keith that he showed interest in. He is SO hard to buy for!

OH and to sum up I just want to end by saying that the accusations made about me were disproved. My amazing co-worker who knows the system in and out showed me step by step and couldn't believe how stupid this manager was for even thinking I was involved. Her employee that 'saved the day' was the one who made the eff up in the first place! And here's the kicker I could care less who made the mistake etc because we are learning a very crappy system just don't throw shade. We are all in this together and they have preached that at us from day one but this manager obviously forgot that mantra and lashed out. I thankfully am good at moving past this stuff. But I always keep a paper trail.....

9:02 p.m. - 2020-11-19


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