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Too tired to come up with a pithy title

I am bloody sore. I gave myself a stern talking to this week. In my speech I told myself that last week was a freebie in that I gave myself a week to get used to the new work hours and thus getting up earlier. This week - no more excuses - exercise was happening in some form or the other every day. Monday morning I woke up with my super early alarm - got up - turned on the computer to set up the program I was going to follow and the computer did this really weird and loud complaining thing that frankly scared the crap out of me. I shut that down real quick.

I thought about calling it a morning and going back to bed for a bit of a snooze before work but alas I then remembered I had this laptop and so I booted that up and did my work out. It was a leg work out and holy hanna the next day walking stairs was a challenge. Tuesday I did an upper body type program that included abs and oh my goodness today I am walking like I'm 88. An 88 that lived hard in case there are any 88 year olds out there reading this! I grunt when I get up. I grunt when I sit down. It's very attractive I'm sure.

This morning I did not work out as Keith is home so I don't work out in the mornings. But I am going to do some GENTLE yoga this evening in keeping with my daily exercise commitment and hopefully to help with all the aches and pains I have acquired over the last few days.

Besides that whining and complaining not much is happening. I am online shopping more than I should. I ordered a few shirts on clearance from the navy of old and one of them is out of stock so they gave me a discount on my next purchase. I have since jumped online and ordered a pair of joggers that I had my eye on but hate paying full price. Yah a small discount was all the incentive I needed. Who's the sucker now navy of old? Oh....still me. Well then. Moving on.

I am damn tired today. We had our zoom game night last night and even though it ended at a respectable 10pm I still somehow managed to stay up past midnight and got a crap 6 hours sleep. I vow to go to sleep early tonight - thus the entry now and not at like 10pm tonight when I get my second wind!

Speaking of spending money. I have been throwing money at glasses the last week or so. Since I need glasses for my eye strain on the computer we bought a few pairs on thee old amazon and they came and were horrible. Turns out I need "computer" reading glasses not regular reading glasses. So we ordered computer ones. The one pair arrived today. We are pretty sure they are just blue blockers and not any type of prescription on them. I just need a tiny bit of magnification. So maybe back to the drawing board. To be fair - I wasn't in on the 2nd pair when Keith ordered them. I think he wasn't too impressed that the first ones we bought weren't the right ones. Not my fault. But that's what happens when a grumpy tired person orders the glasses. Luckily the second pair was $15 and the 5 pairs of reading glasses were $25. I'm not happy to be spending all this money but thankfully I know the reading glasses will come in handy sooner rather than later and the blue blockers I will probably be able to use when surfing the ol' net etc. Plus it's my eye site and I'm not going to dick around over a few dollars and put up with horrible headaches every day.

Ok time to wrap this up. I now feel like I am just procrastinating to avoid working out. Ok wrapping up now! PS It's my Friday tomorrow! And a 4 day weekend!

6:48 p.m. - 2021-02-10


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