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I not only picked up a book.....I read it!

For the last 3 nights I have not watched tv before bed. I have READ A BOOK. This is a big deal. I haven't been able to read these last few months. I would start a book and read a bit here and there until I eventually abandoned it. Last weekend I dropped some children's clothing off at the kid store for T. I had to wait while they evaluated the clothes and since I had nothing better to do I looked at the book section. I saw this one and thought huh that sounds interesting so on a whim I bought it for a few dollars. I cannot put it down. Even when my eyes are burning at night and I'm finding it hard to focus. It's called Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver in case anyone is interested. I haven't reached the ending so I'm hoping the end doesn't let me down. Especially since my book club just decided to read that book! I was pretty excited in my telling of it so I sure hope they like it and we're not all disappointed.

So yah - I read. I'm reading. It's a big deal. Everyone on the zoom was shocked when I said that I hadn't been reading. Oh I should probably mention I zoomed with my bookclub gals this evening. I guess my brain just needed a little kick start and hopefully this book is the thing. I miss getting lost in a book and characters. I think it's YA which I don't really read but now that might all change.

The zoom got off to a bit of a rocky start first technical issues we were on google chat and had to move over to another platform. Then one of the ladies that lives alone and has a lot of issues was not doing well and was able to talk a bit about it and even cried a few times. There were varying degrees of understanding. Everyone was sympathetic and listening but one woman was filing her nails while this woman cried and another was interacting with her dog on mute. I think I'm just a bit more sensitive to others because of the suicide and attempted suicide I've had happen with family and friends these past few months. I do hope it helped her to talk with us. She left the zoom earlier than everyone else. But she did agree to the book choice and reading it and meeting up again so that's something.

I bought 2 pairs of shoes the other day. Online. One I did a curbside pickup and the other just arrived today. Both are by Columbia. My winter boots are the same - I bought them a couple months ago. I love their footwear. Fits true to size and well made. I bought a slip on pair for summer that feel great. I also bought waterproof sneakers for my walks this Spring. I took them out for a spin after work and they are totally waterproof! It was awesome to walk through a puddle and be dry! The only issue I had was it rubbed on one heel. I wasn't wearing the socks I normally would and I did squeeze my orthotics into them so they should have been 8.5 instead of 8 but they were on clearance and only had size 8. That's ok I can do a work around for the heel.

Tomorrow I am meeting C for a parking lot chat. We invited T but she declined. I know she just doesn't want to talk about everything that's happening. But I guess she decided she better tell C about her separation and moving out in case I let it slip. Now that is going to to be the topic of conversation I'm sure. Ah well it will still be nice to see C even if we are in a chilly parking lot.

To finish with old business, I was able to book the camping sites. Ok that is a lie. My sil actually saved the day. We both logged on at 7am. Hit the sites we wanted and then we both had issues paying - the website was jammed - hers went thru mine glitched. It wouldn't let me go further than the payment screen. I ended up booking an alternate site that wasn't too far away and then my original site popped back up just as I was finishing paying and I told her to snag it which she did. I ended up calling later that day and had them cancel my site for a small penalty. I would normally have fought it but at that point I didn't care. I was tired and glad we got our 2 sites together. I could have sat on the site for a month or so and then cancelled for the same cost but I wanted to make someone else's day. I would have loved to see someone log on - see every site gone but one - and probably be suspicious - like why is this site there does it flood? I still say when we are camping I should walk by and yell "YOU ARE WELCOME" and then say You got this site because of me. Ha.

Ok time to shut down the house, tuck myself into bed.....and read!

One last thing, I listen to music on the tv when I am doing other things (like right now) and somehow the tv ended up on a 90's country station and can I tell you I am LOVING this station. 90s country was my jam! So many memories with so many of these songs! My Spotify playlist is getting updated as well! Ok for reals. Leaving now. Night!

10:01 p.m. - 2021-03-12


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