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A big bowl of boring

I'm watching the Oscars and I have no idea why - ha. They aren't even interesting. Good background noise I guess.

I'm sore. My competitive gene kicked in this afternoon. I'm doing one of those weekend warrior fitbit challenges thing with my friend C and a few of her friends. Just 4 of us. I was dead last and then I went on almost 2 hour walk in the freezing cold this afternoon. I'm in 2nd place now unless C pulls ahead but I made my point!

It was a pretty boring weekend. Lockdown and stay at home orders will do that. Keith and I signed up for the vaccine when they advised that anyone over 40 could do so. Then on Friday I heard they updated it to anyone over 30. We just signed up with our pharmacy but apparently most - if not all - people are signing up literally everywhere and going to whoever calls them first. Good on them for wanting the vaccine so bad I guess. Canada has the blood clot one right now - nobody else wants it - ha. I'm joking but also pretty nervous about getting it. I've never had a flu shot so I don't have anything to compare it to. I'm also not rushing out to get it because I would rather the front line workers and grocery store worker and delivery drivers get theirs first - Keith included. I have no cause to leave my house so I'm ok to wait a bit longer.

Oh yah back to the weekend. Saturday was actually a fairly nice day. T-shirt weather except when the wind picked up then it was throw on a sweater. Off and on. We worked on Keith's car. It needs breaks but we don't want to put money into it as it doesn't have much life left but if we can do a $50 brake job ourselves - I love that I am including myself as mechanic. I basically sat on a chair beside him and got him things as he needed them. We ran into an issue so we're at a stand still right now. Keith takes my jeep to work and it's fine since like I said I don't leave the house.

My nieghours daughter had a bday and originally we were going to go to the celebrations - back yard fire etc but didn't feel right with all that's going on. So we dropped off her gift when they were outside and had a small chat. Her youngest daughter has a b-day this Wednesday. Another quick drop off it will be.

Besides that it was a quiet weekend. Today I zoomed with my mom, we played our word game and then it was the mega walking event.

So yah life has been boring. Thus the lack of updates. And with that I am going to wrap up - and try and get ready for bed - if my sore legs will let me!

9:43 p.m. - 2021-04-25


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