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Sometimes.....wishes do come true...

You ever wish for something and then it comes true and you are like - whoa - did I do that?? Ok I can't really take the credit but my 3 day weekend turned into a 5 day weekend!

As I mentioned I booked Wednesday afternoon off and had a lovely afternoon getting my hair cut (I love it!) and doing a bit of girly shopping that I can never do with Keith and got some good summer clearance deals.

Thursday I woke up early to walk but the sky looked threatening so I reset my alarm and went back to sleep. I got up a little later, showered and was just lazing about on the bed while I dried off when I heard a huge crack of thunder and my room lit up also. I didn't lose power so I went on with my morning. Fast forward 15 minutes later as I tried to turn on my work computer.....nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch. She was dead. DEAD.

I eventually called my work help desk and they talked me thru a few things - nothing - they escalated the issue - 45 minutes later another call from help desk and ran a few more tests - nothing - she was declared dead. They would expedite me a new work computer. Thursday was free day! Friday was a sort of free day - I had to stay at home to wait for my new computer - we did go out in the morning cause I was like screw you work I will leave if I wanna! Around 3pm the computer arrived. I put it in my office and shut the door! I was NOT dealing with that on a Friday afternoon with one hour left to go on a long weekend! Hells to the no. That will be my fun tomorrow morning. Unpacking the lap top and calling help desk to help me set it all up. I can only pray that they take a really long time cause let me tell you people are biiiitchy after a long weekend and if I can avoid being on phones then I will!

So yah that happened and it was bliss!

Keith and I did end up going away this weekend. The weather looked iffy but sometimes you just have to give up the control and just say yes. Saturday we left after Keith was done work and we headed on our mini road trip. It was a lovely weekend. We got some beach time Saturday late afternoon. We got a little on Sunday before the rain began. We knew it was supposed to rain Sunday but it didn't rain as much as we had thought it would. That evening we walked the downtown area - mostly empty as it was just after the rain. We went to a museum of bones and stones that we didn't realize was a museum until we walked in and saw the $7 admission to walk thru. They closed at 5 and it was 4:30. This elderly gentleman came out and said they closed at 5 and it would take a couple hours to view it all.

Then he was like but let me take you on a quick tour and this 80 year old amazing man gave us a personal tour - for free - turns out he was actually the owner. He bought all this amazing stuff over the last 25 years and now ran this museum for charity and he had so many amazing stories. He wasn't in the best of health and had actually been at the hospital that morning for 5 hours! He was such a story teller and just an amazing human being! That was pretty damn cool. A hi-lite for sure!

We then had dinner out at a nearby pub and I think it was the first time in many months since we have eaten inside! The food was really good which helped make the experience even better!

Today we packed up and made our way home - slowly. It was a lovely long weekend get away.

I just had to turn down my neighbour's offer of going in their hot tub for the first time tonight. I am SO full from dinner. We kept the vacay vibes going and ordered dinner in from our local restaurant. Greek. I am so freakin' full that the thought of sitting in a hot tub makes me nervous. Instead I will catch up on blogs and just have some me time to get ready for work.....after my 5 day weekend!

7:01 p.m. - 2021-08-02


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