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End of summer....already?

Whoosh - just like that we are on the downswing of summer. The hourglass is almost empty. I am ok with it ending - but not yet as I have a few trips planned in the next 2 weeks. But then BRING ON FALL. Bring on cozy sweaters. Coffee that I drink to warm myself. And not sweating when I step outside my front door!

Yah it's been hot - damn hot. Too yucky to really enjoy yourself.

I called in sick today. Took a wellness day. I had a horrible sleep that was interrupted by upset belly due to eating like crap all weekend. I was trying to coax myself into getting up for work when I was like - again seriously? They are wellness days for a reason! Also my house is a friggin mess and I am going to have no time this week to do anything about it. By the end of my work day after dinner and Keith goes to bed any ambition I had to do anything is gone out the window and I just want to curl up in front of the tv or with a book and just relax until bedtime.

Last week we had a lot going on so not as much relaxing time. Next week I will be gone away. I'm not giving myself a break between 2 trips I have planned. Early Saturday morning I head out to hang with my bestie that I haven't seen in ages except for an amazing visit in July I believe. We are going to spend a few days together. I come back Monday and then leave again Tuesday morning for my solo trip. Tuesday to Friday. Then Saturday Keith and I will head south to visit my family for the weekend. Oh I guess I have 3 back to back trips planned. Oy. No wonder I am stressing!

So after trying to rest in bed and let my tummy rest I got up and began to just do some general cleaning. I also have a TON of stuff to put away from last week. I went in to my office and we had to clean out EVERYTHING from our work areas. That is 20 years of crap if you are paying attention. 20 years of knickknacks and odds and ends. I tried to go thru some of it at the office - we had 2 hours - but then I just started putting stuff into the big bags I brought. I had to help my co-worker/friend who needed a drive - she doesn't drive - and had just as much stuff as me - plus has a cane due to upcoming back surgery. So yah I hauled a lot of crap home. Now I am freaking out over how much (more) stuff I have. I have a ton of work clothes that are packed away. Now office stuff that I will have to sort thru and probably get rid of most of it. I doubt I will be bringing anything back to the office. I was that person with the cute plaques with sarcastic sayings. Everyone loved to come visit and hang out. Hm my work productivity may go up when I go back to the office. When/If who knows??

This past weekend Keith and I went to the Falls and met up my younger brother and his fam. We spent Saturday doing a million things with them. It was hot as balls and the pool at the hotel was closed due to the co-vid. So no swimming for us. But we did have a jacuzzi tub in our room so my nephews came over at the end of the long day we had with their swimsuits on and took a soak before bed. Keith and I got a soak in the next morning before check out. I think it was the first time we actually used the tub so much in a room!

It was a nice little getaway. Could have done without the crazy amount of people but our borders are open to Americans (theirs are not open to us) so we had a LOT of people wandering the main drag. I wore my mask more than I usually do - out in public - just because no one was really giving each other space. Except for the line ups to places - which made me laugh. Ah well.

Ok Keith is almost home. He doesn't know I'm not working. I feel like I did get quite a bit accomplished. So the mental part of me has calmed down. I'm still super tired but that will be fixed by going to bed early tonight (I hope!).

This evening I will try and avoid the tv by looking up places to go with S this weekend. We just changed our whole itinerary as the place we had chose has their closed pool. I re-booked us at a place we went to a few years ago - we don't normally do a repeat but these are exceptional times!

12:35 p.m. - 2021-08-30


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