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Getting back in the 'company' groove

I was supposed to go to the gym tonight but Keith stayed up later tonight than usual and by the time I said goodnight to him it was 'too late' - ha. Monday's are never my energetic days so any excuse am I right?

I also had a pretty busy weekend. We had company for the first time in forever. My friend S and her guy arrived Friday at the dinner hour. We fed them and then when Keith went to bed I drove them over to T's where we hung out for the evening. Saturday I took them to a few thrift stores in the area before they had to head out for work. They were back later that evening for dinner and some games before leaving to their hotel and to work a full day on Sunday.

Sunday would have been a much needed rest day but we had to get an oil change for our jeep and then run some much needed errands and throw in a bit of fun as well - so yah we didn't rest nor get anything done at home. C'est la vie.

Our oil change was a month early thanks to all the driving I did the last few months this summer. I regret nothing!

My regular mechanic couldn't get me in til November and I had to laugh cause I had 500km left til I was required to get an oil change for my warranty and I was like oh I will be driving way more than that before then! Family birthdays are coming up and I plan to be there.

Speaking of birthdays I have to send my uncle a 60th birthday card. I don't have to but I am trying to be the better person. Plus his life makes me sad. He's a dick but the life he has led seems so unfulfilling in every way. And I sadly know he agrees. But he's still a lying manipulative person so I can't get too soft. I went to pick up a card tonight to mail and the only 60 card was so positive and life affirming about what a great life you have lived and how you have so much to look forward too that I could not in good conscience buy it. I found a funny one instead and now I struggle to write a message inside.

I plan on taking Thursday afternoon off. C is on vacation this week so we are going to meet up for lunch and then maybe do a bit of shopping. She says she needs clothes but every time we shop she never buys anything! I veer towards the clearance racks and usually find a thing or two!

Besides that not much is going on. I need a new series to start watching - I'm thinking 30 Rock. I also need a new book to read - I got lots of those I just have to find one that captures and hold my attention. For some reason I read better in the summer than the colder months. Go figure.

A'ight time to go and think up some words to write....

8:27 p.m. - 2021-10-18


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