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List Season starts now!

First I must say Neko I LOVED the "20 years of Neko" entry! That was so fun to read! I just looked up my first entry here and it was April 24, 2002. Thankfully I have a bit of time before my introspective is due!

So let's see what's been happening? The visit with my parents went great. They came up and we had dinner, played some games that evening then had breakfast the next morning. It's weird when you start to notice how your parents are getting old. I was watching my dad's hands shake and I've never noticed that before. He was also having trouble walking more than normal. He sometimes has a sore hip but that was due to leg cramps he had while at dialysis that both legs.

Keith and I did get a storage unit...sort of. We chose one and were supposed to hear from them this week but haven't. I'm not worried about that I just want to make sure they haven't lost our name or what have you. I just emailed them tonight to make sure. I don't mind the extra time as we are busy. The storage facility is brand new so I know they were still working on the construction when we saw it.

Also our basement is torn apart because of halloween. It was a huge success this year. The excitement of the children was contagious. Everyone loved our decorations. Keith worked hard putting them out all day. He was a bit bummed as the wind had picked up big time by mid afternoon and he wasn't able to put a few things out. We had about 70 trick or treaters. Right as we started putting things away it began to rain. Not ideal to put things away wet but at least the rain held off for the little ones. This is another reason our basement looks like a war zone. We just threw everything in the basement and now it has to dry before before being put away. We should probably work on that this weekend but we may be busy.....

Buying a car! Never a fun thing for me. At least this time it's Keith's car. Basically we need a small car for around town driving. He was looking for a beater but from what he ended up showing me not quite the beater but I guess if you buy too old you just risk non stop repairs. We may be looking at a car this weekend if we hear back from the dealer. I'm leery of dealers now but I am so horrible at negotiating! I am that person who pays sticker price!

What else? I hung out with a friend the other day. She is a co-worker also. She lives alone. Her brother passed away last week. Cancer. She got a chance to say goodbye as he chose to get an injection. I wasn't sure what to expect when I visited her and was dreading it. Mostly because I feel awkward and never know what to say. My other friend reassured me that I am a great friend and always know what to say. I tried to give myself that boost of confidence. But it all worked out fine. She was sad and cried a little but I let her talk and we even laughed a few times. We took a walk, grabbed some subs for dinner and then just sat at her place for a couple hours and chatted.

Besides that now I am just in full on list mode! Work events to be planned, work related friend events to be planned, regular friend events to be planned and family events to be planned. It's all a little overwhelming when you have been doing nothing for almost 2 years! So many things were cancelled or done virtually that you forget how much effort goes into planning things! Ah well on the other hand it's nice to be busy again.

Ok time to wrap this up and have a little R&R time. Also I get to look forward to a 3 day work week next week! Monday to Wednesday then off for a 4 day weekend!

8:36 p.m. - 2021-11-05


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