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So begins the craziness of December!

Just a quick update cause I am TIRED. I had a busy weekend for me! Hell it's been a pretty busy week overall! Wednesday I met my co-workers for dinner - about 6 of us I believe? We call ourselves the misfits - like in rudolph. Ha. I thought maybe an hour or an hour and a half for din but 3.5 hours later we stumbled out! It was so nice to talk and laugh and just hang together in person.

Thursday evening I met a co-worker and her best friend after work and we went downtown to a christmas market. It was pretty small - it used to be huge - but we all found something to buy then we went in out of the cold to a restaurant and had dinner together.

Friday nothing - thank goodness! Oh wait I did end my work day at noon. And ran many errands Friday afternoon!

Saturday I had helped organize our first work social event - seeing a movie in a theatre! We had a small turnout but it was better than nothing so I was happy. We saw Encanto - the new disney movie. It was actually better than I thought it would be. I laughed, I cried - a few times - and ate a lot of popcorn! Then Keith and I packed up the car and headed west to a friend's dinner party. I hadn't seen this friend in several years. He's more of S's friend than mine. S and her beau were there too. It was a fun evening with very tasty food (he loves to cook) and lots of drinking. We stayed the night and poor Keith was up way past his bedtime. We slept on this tiny bed but I was so bagged I didn't even care.

Once home I ended up having an emotional afternoon with my sister in laws. We're talking about xmas and my one sister in law is driving me bat shit crazy. She does when planning most functions but when it affects my parents doing WAY too much I cannot stay silent. I basically shut the chat off for a few hours and came back when I could handle it. Thankfully I used that pent up frustration to clean and organize!

I zoomed with my mom tonight. Played some banana grams and now I'm going to put the computer to bed and finish the left over movie popcorn before it gets too stale.

Oh I did put up our small tree tonight. Just the tree. No decorations. That will come. We compromised and are putting up a "little x-mas" and the rest is going to storage. Keith is doing pretty good taking stuff over but he has now run into halloween which he has yet to put away so it's screeched to a halt. Luckily he is thinking time is money so he should get back into the groove this week.

Ok time to snack! Later!

8:25 p.m. - 2021-12-05


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