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Monday musings

12 days to Christmas! And I can safely say, probably for the first time ever, I am actually ready! I know! I can't believe it either. All my x-mas cards have been mailed. All my presents have been wrapped. I got my baking planned in times for the gifts I will be giving. Oh and I put up our tree this weekend! It is sitting on our kitchen table. A little unconventional but that's us!

Keith has been a bit of a bear lately (for him) which to most people they wouldn't even notice. I've been trying to give him slack since yesterday was the date his mom passed away. His sisters reached out yesterday on messenger and we chatted for a bit. I know Keith and I have both been a little down that his family is choosing not to get together. But it may happen. However I then found out one brother in law is not vaccinated. Wind out of my sails. I don't think I'm willing to get together before x-mas and before seeing my parents on x-mas eve. And I am 99% sure he hasn't got the vax because he's bull headed. We'll see what happens.

What else? I had a massage today. I gave my therapist a x-mas gift. My joke gift was a free coffee mug I got from a store. Of course he loved it! My real gift was a mug and a small expensive bottle of booze.

This Wednesday is going to be a wellness day. I have a couple things I want to pick up for my gifts. Yes I'm done but I'm tweaking. I'm a tweaker. I tweak up to the bitter end! I need to buy some more chocolate and I want to find a few books for my dad. He reads while in dialysis so I am always looking in thrift stores for something that looks interesting for him.

Friday I plan on taking a few hours off at the end of the day (we either use our wellness days or lose them - we can carry some over as vacation but anything else gets thrown out). I am going to get my hair trimmed and then head over to T's for a little get together. C is going to be there as well. It was loosey goosey but I think I have planned it for earlier and with snacks! Why was no one talking snacks? I know T would put out some but I like when we all contribute! I also plan on spending the night! Gonna get my drank on! T asked me earlier if she wanted us to go out - send her kid to her dad's. I hope I talked her out of it. I would just rather sit in and chat and drink and snack for the evening. Not play dd or worse 'cab' it. That could get pricy.

What else? Not much! I should probably go back to the gym now that my evenings are basically free until x-mas. I gave myself the night off since I did just get a massage! I also should call for someone to come take away our old car. I'm always afraid I'm going to back into it with the jeep. I'm used to going way back then straightening up. Maybe I should remind myself I'll get some cash out of this so get off my butt and just do it already. Procrastinators unite! Tomorrow. Heh.

Alright time to wrap up and then go catch up with my other dland peeps!

8:39 p.m. - 2021-12-13


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