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Hey September? Why'd you get so sh*tty?

Oh September is going out with a whimper. So much chaos and sadness whirling all around me right now. Two people of close friends of mine have both been diagnosed with cancer. Close work friends of mine have had their jobs redundant or impacted. One of those people had both things happen to her within 24 hours of each other. She found out her job is being deemed redundant and that her mom has lung cancer. She is the one just lost her brother to cancer one year ago.

Then there's smaller things. One of my nephews is being bullied at school -it's been happening for the last couple years whenever they were in person that is. But it got so bad that he came home with a handprint on his back the other day - yah the little asshole slapped him so hard it left a mark over clothing that lasted. The school has done squat so my brother and his wife ended up filing a police report. My nephew is a giant - a friendly giant - but sure as shit if he had been the one bullying or hitting kids he would have been expelled a long time ago. But because this is a scrawny shit of a kid nobody says boo. It's disgusting how zero tolerance means nothing. What a joke.

Even smaller annoyance I went for bloodwork today and found out my health card and my license are both expired. I guess the gov't stopped sending notices about these things. Luckily I was able to go online and renew my drivers license but not my health card. I'll probably be able to do that once my drivers license is rec'd. Oy.

An annoyance at first...our plans for this weekend got kiboshed. We were going away for our 17th Wedding Anniversary on a sunset cruise. The company emailed yesterday that due to an issue with the boat they had to cancel the outing. I don't get my money back but get a raincheck for next year at 2022 rates. Mmm okay then. I was going to get up in arms about that but I just can't be bothered - plus I've decided maybe it will be a nice excursion next year! A built in excuse to go do something!

Anywho Keith salvaged our upcoming weekend. I did offer some suggestions - but he was like what is with you and boat tours? lol. So he came up with a play in Toronto and an overnight stay in the big city! We are going to see Singing in the Rain! Harry Potter was our first choice but unless we wanted to sit apart that wasn't happening. We'll go see Potter in Feb or March I'm sure.

Last night I did some retail therapy online. But not what you think. I bought tickets for December to go see the Nutcracker. I've never seen it live. I'm pretty psyched.

And finally, I got to have my date night with my parents and saw Brent Butt in concert! I bought these tickets over 2 years ago on a whim cause I thought it would be nice to have an outing with my parents. I drove up Tuesday afternoon and we went out for a nice dinner and then drove to the theatre. We were in the 2nd row - I had forgot I got good seats! It was a fun night. I stayed the night and then drove home the next afternoon. It was hard getting up this morning I wasn't sure what day it was!

OK time to wrap this up and do some relaxing. I got a short relaxing walk in after work in hopes that my body will get the memo that I need to sleep tonight and not toss and turn! But I'm sure my brain will have more to say as I just realized we are having people over next week for a mid week party. How did that sneak up on me? Is it wrong to long for the quiet dull days?

7:49 p.m. - 2022-09-29


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