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A short but very VENTY entry....feel free to skip just need to spew it all out

Need. To. Vent.

This year's Oktoberfest will be the first once since Covid began. There are only 5 festhalls as opposed to 20 or so. Limited options. So my neighbour always wants to go but she doesn't actually how do I say this - have fun? She pretends she does but she just stands there and doesn't let loose and just judges people. I on the other hand will have a few drinks and everyone is my best friend. I dance with strangers. I toast with strangers. I do the chicken dance with strangers. I don't care.

Ahem. Anyway. Because of the lack of options we decided to just have a small get together this year....on a weeknight. So many things wrong with that but we are busy people and weekends are hard to get together. So T and S and I decided that was a good idea. Then I told my 2 neighbours. P is fine and dandy. D is being a douche.

Okay she's not but she's pissing me off. We decided to make it a potluck. Well she did. Fine. Keith is making a shit load of food for 9 people and the other neighbours as well. Then they said we needed a side dish and dessert - fine I got S and T on that! Perfect! Then they say it's actually 14 people! D's THREE girls and P's son and girlfriend. But don't worry I'm told the girls will just 'graze'. Which is BS because they eat more than Keith and I together! They are all skinny as shit but can pack it in! Ah to be young! As for D she will eat just as much because she does that intermintent fasting thing and eats ONCE a day and really goes for it.

D even offered to have it at her place which is nice cause it's bigger and she has a hot tub so we can even do that. THEN. THEN tonight she sends a message asking me to ask T and S to "bring beer" to even out the potluck. Nobody f&cking drinks beer! We all drink everything but! S and her guy are driving over an hour to be here! So I guess their $25 tank of gas isn't enough for her?

I asked them then felt like a piece of sh*t for doing so. Then I just emailed them again and said eff that - don't! Don't bring extra booze. Screw that. We are NEVER doing this event again at her place. This event was supposed to be about friends, fun and Okotberfest but she has centered it all around food. The woman QUIT her job and is rich enough to not have to worry about working but she wants it to be "fair". Eff that.

I was going to write about this past weekend but this entry is too bitter for the lovely anniversary weekend Keith and I had.

So I will take a deep breath. Dig out my Oktoberfest stuff and just go and have a good time and know that NEVER again will we have it at my neighbours. Period.

9:04 p.m. - 2022-10-02


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