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Can I do a quick entry? Yes I can! When my alarm goes off to call my parents for the weekly check in I will hit post!

Let's see what's been happening? The Murdoch thing was awesome. Got to see the main character in person as we were front and centre but alas I am such a rule follower I didn't get a chance to sneak a pic!

I didn't attend the rememberance day ceremony in person this year but surprisingly Keith made it home within minutes of the moment of silence and we sat together and watched the service on tv.

It's my younger brother's b-day today. No party this year. Usually we would go down the weekend before or after but my sil was like nope not this year. She is super busy and dealing with family cancer and dementia and I am just going to give her her space. I've got to learn not to take things personally and realize that I live a pretty cushy existence. Having no kids leaves a LOT of extra time. Having a job that I can walk away from at 4pm Monday to Friday is a luxury I know. I rarely think about my job outside of work. My biggest worry - lol. I worry about family - about friends - about life - about my husband. I could definitely do with cutting down on that. I don't want to jinx myself but thankfully my life is quite calm right now. Please no jinx!

On to more pleasant things! This weekend I'm meeting up with T to go to an outside small town winter event. C normally comes with us but she's been acting aloof since T and I went away to our poutine event. She was busy every date we threw at her so I finally just threw up my hands and was like well this is the date we're going and if your plans change then you are more than welcome to join us. Shrug, you can't please everyone - namaste.

Besides that I'll just be dropping off my shoeboxes for the samaritan's purse and looking for a shoe rack for the front door. I may start decorating for xmas - I feel like I'm behind from what I read on fb and see in people's windows!

OK my alarm is about to go off. I may go scrub my last pot and then make the call. Then time to chillax! Gotta solve some murders with JB Fletcher! What am I 80? LOL

7:25 p.m. - 2022-11-16


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